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What you pay attention to decided what you become!

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Letters live.

My life hasn't changed much in this second level 4 lockdown in the whole of New Zealand. However, I am using this time to reflect. I believe people need reflection and regeneration once in a while, and lockdowns force us to do this.

In my previous post, I probably mentioned or not mentioned that I have moved to Parnell, Auckland, since 7th August. It is a very artistic small town located right in the middle of the city. You would pass by a gallery once every 5 mins when you walk on the main street.

I find the place I live in even more enjoyable. It is a one-bedroom studio attached to a house. And so, I have my own little zone that I don't have to spend too much on. My room is on the lower ground, and the house is located next to the Auckland railway track. Also, the Auckland Museum is just up at the top of the mountain, although it is not visible from my balcony.

The view from my balcony

When I look out from my desk, I will either see trees and grass or witness a train passing by quietly every 15 mins during the weekdays. Another interesting fact about my place is that you can see and feel the sunshine glorying outside, but it barely enters my room during the day. That is because my home is like a hidden cave surrounded by lush. It is always under shadows.

If you've been to Japan, you'd probably understand my current living situation. It's like you live in a place where you can see many things and experience a wide range of emotions, but people passing by would not even notice you. Also, in Japan, the decor and the lighting in houses are always a little caliginous. So, after having been here for a few weeks, I’ve started to call my place 'The Little Kyoto of Parnell'.

My studio is probably not ideal for most people. The lack of privacy due to the trains and the low amounts of sunshine undoubtedly would've pushed a few potential tenants away. However, to my surprise, I have started to enjoy the gloominess and the random movement of the trains. It has made me realise that you have to accept the darkness to embrace the brightness.

The trains are also a constant reminder that time is ticking away without my awareness. Yet, the city is still moving ahead based on a schedule even though it is at the highest level of lockdown.

The world is still working without you. How small an individual is, just a speck!

Back to the classical notion, "Glass half full". The world is lovely all the time when there is no advanced technology and luxury villas. So, pay attention to your inner world and open your eyes to curiosity to find those finer things you did not notice in the past.

Enjoy the lockdown rather than suffer through it. You will be fine, and the world is amazing.


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A little warmth in our life is worth moving on.🙈

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