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Digital marketing campaign and strategy recommendations

Living Legacy is a Dunedin-based business focusing on biography video services for old adults.

Video biography making is a relative niche market. According to the conversation with the client, there is only one direct competitor based in Christchurch in New Zealand. More video biography businesses could be found in the US market through online keyword searching.

To date, Living Legacy has had 12 customers, most of whom were from an upper-range retirement village. The critical challenge of the business is the low awareness of video biography filming for family members. The search engine shows mostly video biography videos for celebrities or the definition of the term.

A SWOT analysis has been conducted based on the client's information and data we collected through the Google search engine. The digital marketing strategy and plan will be based on the result indicated in the SWOT analysis, followed by a risk assessment for future control.


The purpose of this marketing campaign is to understand and increase Living Legacy’s digital presence and their consumer’s online interactions with them to inform future digital marketing campaigns they may undertake. In addition, we aim to explore which digital marketing methods are most applicable and permeable for the target market to achieve this goal.


Primary Objectives:

  • To increase awareness of Living Legacy’s video biography service

  • To understand customer sentiment towards Living Legacy


Secondary Objectives:

  • Increase traffic on the Living Legacy website

  • Facilitate communication with customers through the social media platform

After setting the objectives for this project, the team dived into the existing available data. The data were mainly from Google Analytics and the keywords identifier in Based on these data and information provided by the client, we could have a clearer picture of what will the potential customer looks like.

geo breakdown.jpeg
device breakdown.jpeg

The campaign had two parts: a Google search campaign by applying different themed keywords, including a one-week campaign during Mother's day; a Facebook promotion using different brand posters, and a themed ad for Mother's Day.

campaign breakdown.jpeg
promotion breakdown.jpeg
channel breakdown.jpeg

The campaign had brought significant traffic to the Living Legacy website. However, digital marketing is a consistent strategy implementation, and the client has to regularly post and share their stories and their customer testimonials on the website and social media accounts. 

In the meantime, off-line promotions such as presentations in rest homes and the local business events would still be the primary resource that the old adult would know about Living Legacy. However, since the business is relatively new in New Zealand, the customers should become the local biography service leader.

Most importantly, as I mentioned in one of my blogs, "I can't believe I am using Boxing to explain entrepreneurship", it is critical for a small business to do more tests in a new market. So, the brand can have a general idea about what the local customers need and which marketing approach is most efficient and less costly. Moreover, it is also noticeable that small businesses like Living Legacy do not overspend their cash initially. 

Finally, an infographic was designed to summarize the campaign results and recommendations for the future development of the business. So, the client could always refer to the document when they are lost and looking for the next move.

Living Legacy: Image
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