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I did a consulting project with a Dunedin-based company that provides biography filming services for old adults. They wanted to tap into digital marketing by targeting the adult children of their end customers. This is the infographic poster I designed for them to refer to during the presentation. The form of the infographic makes the analysis and recommendations easier for the clients to understand and follow.

Image by Jordan Cormack

At the final stage of my MBA program, we did a live case with a high-tech company to deliver its business plan. The recommendations are illustrated within a decision matrix based on market research (secondary & primary data), financial analysis, competition analysis and marketing strategy. 

To be honest, it was a hard project, we started from the scratch and we had such challenges in putting all the puzzles together. However, at the end, we did such a great job to deliver the recommendation in strategy design and risk control. The client was very impressed and will implement the suggested recommendation.

Man Holding Bicycle

My family was once in a tea trading business, and we still keep sourcing Chinese teas to share with friends with different cultural backgrounds.

This is a marketing strategy plan I made for my Marketing paper. For example, a high-end tea brand focuses on speciality tea and customised services such as training. I tried to solve the problems that tea lovers sometimes are lack knowledge about tea tasting. So  I plan to establish a tea brand that can close the gap for tea lovers and good tea in China.

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