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Creative Art


From Designer to Strategist

The world is a mess. We go to big cities to earn big money and pay more for the food and networking. We became somebody we did not even know what we were good at and why. The fragment of our lives, people seem not to care at all. We were ignoring the process but caring too much about the results.

I was lost when I was a new grad major in design. I had no idea about what people wanted. The only thing I knew was what I wanted in my designs. That was how I got into marketing, purely because of curiosity and the eagerness to make things right. 

Now I am an MBA graduate from the University of Otago. My colleagues were surprised by my way of thinking. The norm "creativity" becomes a common compliment of the new age. People crave it, but they know nothing about it. People with creativity could not tell about it.

However, I believe everyone could recover fragments of their lives and be creative. The first step is to stop thinking about it but practice it.

What is creativity looks like? It never exists.

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