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About Appreciation

In memory of Du Xiaojuan.

I love cooking and making coffee for my friends. It's like hiding the biggest secret in the world about how to cook excellent food and make a cup of nice coffee. But, of course, my friends always thought I was joking when I told them the secret.

"I put a lot of love when I make them".

But, it is the very truth. Love can be delivered in different means. Some people prefer to say it out loud. Some people prefer to paint it like an artist, write it down like a poet, cook it like a chief. Then, each breath could be our love for the air, and each colour we see could be our love for the world.

Nowadays, we can order everything we want and be delivered in 2 hours. Social media promotions have made us buy things we did not want before. Things are just straightforward to get, and we have been too focused on catching new things but forgot to appreciate things we already have. In the past three months, I have been asking the same question every day: "How can I be happier?"

When I wonder in the world of mindfulness, freedom and happiness, appreciation comes up very often in my life. I had realised that so many things I took for granted in the past, such as friends, family and all the things around me. But, according to Dunbar's number, we can only have 150 relationships at once. If the statement is valid, then each time we search for new relationships, we are about to give up some of the existing relationships simultaneously.

We are continuously searching, so we never focus on the present and things we have all the time. We lose our attention because we try to pay attention to many things.But if we pause and appreciate what is around us right now for just several minutes, we pivot a bit towards the right track so we won't get lost in the fickleness.

My friends, if you feel lost, go back to love and appreciate what you have.


Some words to my dear friend Du xiaojuan:

I see you in my cup of wine.

I wish I could pour you another glass so you can drink with me again.

Now you are in the air,

in the rivers,

in the stars.

The world is the cup of wine in your hand.

Without you,

Wine does not exist in the world anymore.

But I will drink with you again on the other side.

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